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About Us

The Freedom Center is an outpatient behavioral health treatment and prevention center. We provide assessments, individual and group counseling, and family support services for those struggling with substance use and mental health issues. We are an outpatient facility, allowing clients to get help while living at home and staying in their community. The Freedom Center has treatment options for all ages and special populations.

If alcohol, drug use, or mental health issues are affecting your work, family or health or you are worried about the drug or alcohol use of a loved one The Freedom Center offers hope, understanding and a new beginning. We can help you decide if alcohol or other drugs are hurting you and those you care about. We will also help you explore ways you and your family can get better.

You and your counselor will develop a treatment plan together to meet your needs in a way that works for you. We encourage taking good care of yourself and overall wellness. We will help you identify your strengths to use as tools in the recovery process. It will be important for you to develop good supports with your family and community to be sober and independent.